Blending Brush


The all-purpose ZERO Blending Brush is specifically designed to promote flexible movement and uniform application of creamy, liquid and powder formulas. Its wooden handle allows easy usage and the densely packed 20 mm, ultra-soft bristles are uniquely shaped to create a seamless finish.

Key Benefits

Uniform Application Flexible Movement Gives Seamless Sheer to Full Coverage Ultra-Soft 20mm Synthetic Bristles Works with all textures (Powder + Cream + Liquid)


STEP 1: The Concealer hides dark circles and unevenness.

STEP 2: The Blender seamlessly infuses the concealer.

STEP 3: The Blusher warms the apples of your cheeks.

STEP 4: The Lipstick defines your pout.

STEP 5: Powder sets it for hours.

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