Face Perfecting Palette


ZERO Makeup Face Perfecting Palette is an all-in-one solution to achieve flawless-looking makeup. Made from the finest ingredients, the palette contains concealerblending basepowder, blush, and lipstick.

      Key Benefits

      Enriched with Vitamin E Made with skin-loving ingredients Color Correcting Pigments Sheer Cream Blush Hydrating Lip Stain


      STEP 1: The Concealer hides dark circles and unevenness.

      STEP 2: The Blender seamlessly infuses the concealer.

      STEP 3: The Blusher warms the apples of your cheeks.

      STEP 4: The Lipstick defines your pout.

      STEP 5: Powder sets it for hours.


      Nabila, the founder of ZERO makeup, initially made this product for her own skin tone. Having brown skin herself, she felt she couldn’t find a concealer or foundation which would correct her dark circles and pigments without making it look ashy.

      She has 32 years of hands-on experience in the field of makeup and has created a spectrum of shades ranging from very light to dark, customized to correct and perfect brown skins with their unique undertones.

      The Face Perfecting Palette includes a mirror, concealer, foundation, cream based blush, lip stain, translucent powder and a powder puff. This kit is designed to be all you need to get your face looking naturally beautiful and flawless. The ZERO palettes are blendable, and can easily be mixed with your existing cosmetics.

      The Freedom Seal is the first of its kind seal emphasising that there is ZERO tolerance for human slavery in our entire supply chain. We are committed to free and fair labour and ethical practices

      ZERO Makeup has a 12 month open jar period. This means that it will stay good to use for up to one year once unsealed.

      ZERO Makeup is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic and is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction. However, if you have a pre-existing skin condition, please consult a skin specialist= before use.

      ZERO makeup is suitable for all skin types. If you have oily skin, we recommend you use a water based moisturiser before applying and then apply slightly less quantity of the blender and more of the powder for dewy finish.

      ZERO makeup is suitable for all skin types. If you have dry skin, we recommend you use a rich moisturizer before applying and then apply slightly more quantity of the blender and less of the powder for a dewy finish.

      ZERO balances science and cosmetics perfectly. We have studied thousands of skin types and scientifically taken into account how light reacts with the thickness of various skin tones and created this product accordingly.

      This means each unique palette consists of a corrector, foundation, cheek colour and lip stain and is designed to give you the most invisible, natural result which enhances your natural beauty.

      In other words, by choosing the correct palette for your skin tone, you will get flawless results. You don’t have to do any guesswork – we have done all the thinking for you!

      The best way to choose your shade of ZERO is to test the blender on your jawline. If it’s not
      visibly different from your original skin then this is the right shade for you. For our online
      customers, feel free to send us a picture so that our advisors can help you choose better. You
      can contact us at hello@zeromakeup.com.


      PORCELAIN is for very fair skin

      PEARL is for fair skin

      IVORY is for light skin

      CREME is for medium-light skin

      HONEY is for golden tan skin

      CARAMEL is for tan skin

      Please note that all our shades are especially designed to be forgiving, so that a shade lighter or
      darker will still suit you. In fact, many of our customers like to use a darker shade for the
      daytime/summer time and a lighter shade for evening/winter.

      ZERO MAKEUP caters to all skin types.
      For oily skin, use water based moisturiser, concealer, less foundation & more powder.
      For dry skin, use a hydrating moisturiser, concealer, more foundation & less powder.

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